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The Kemer Small Hoteliers and Pension Keepers Foundation with the short name KOPD was established on the date of 05.10.1999 under the leadership of dear İsmail ŞANDAN.


Since KETAV (Kemer Promotion Foundation), had conducted studies intended for much bigger facilities at that periods, small facilities located at Kemer Center have established the KOPD in order to create an association and to the attention of public and non-governmental organizations to their common problems.


Dear Selçuk AKILTOPU has taken over the position of KOPD Board Chairman which became vacant when KOPD president Dear İsmail ŞANDAN had become the deputy mayor of Kemer Municipality of that period.


During the process, the lack of a non-governmental organization which will encompass big facilities has appeared. In order to fill this gap, it was thought to be unified within the Kemer Promotion Foundation (KETAV) which was primarily established with the initial move of Kemer Tourism. However it was understood that, it was not possible in legal concerns on those days for KETAV to incorporate facilities due to foundation voucher other than 23 facilities which KETAV was already a founding member.


Under those circumstances, Kemer District Governor of that time Dear Nazmi GÜNLÜ, Kemer Mayor Dear Hasan ŞEKER, Dear Selçuk AKILTOPU, Dear Osman AYIK, Dear Sefa Gürman and active tourism professional back then decided to establish a brand new foundation to involve the entire region.


The most important goal of this foundation is the thought of creating a Kemer branchto AKTOB (Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Union) which would be the Antalya branch of the Main Union according to the Hotel Keepers Professional Association Law that was expected to come into force those days. Thus, a foundation whose constitution and name parallel to the AKTOB is aimed.


Even though the idea presented by KOPD President of that period Dear Selçuk Akıltopu stating that KOPD would be used in accordance with the goals of the new establishment thought to be established was accepted by the tourism professionals at the beginning, foundation’s name and constitution was changed to be KETOB (Kemer Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association) since KOPD was different from KETOB both in content and member structure and Dear Selçuk Akıltopu who led the establishment of the foundation was elected for the presidential seat by tourism professional of that time in the first KETOB general assembly which was performed on 15.01.2004.


With this form KETOB with totally changed name and constitution had taken its place among the non-governmental organization as a brand-new foundation which has a different vision and capacity with the participation of active small operators from KOPD’s old members and newly opened big hotels.


Our foundation currently provides trainings in accordance with the needs of accommodation facilities. Besides, it makes organizations such as Lifeguard Competition in order to draw attention to the Lifeguard profession, Hello Summer Festival to gather tourism professionals, artisans and public, Football Tournament between Hotels to form team spirit by integrating facility personnel and Painting Contest to understand and improve children’s view on tourism.